Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sucker Punch Animation

This is a short animation for the upcoming film Sucker Punch. It was animated by Ben Hibbon Ben Hibbon and below is the synopsis and short.

In Sucker Punch, the girls face off against an army of mechanized WWI soldiers. Through the use of clockwork and steam technology, human soldiers who die in battle are reanimated and sent back to the front lines. Although seemingly indistinguishable and soulless, the zombie army is not just made of gears and steam, but also of human flesh, bone, and memory. In "The Trenches" there is a tragic tale behind each lifeless mask.

I love that style of animation using flat still drawings but giving them life.

X-MEN First Class Poster

I stumbled upon this awesome blog and saw that he was offering up a X-Men Poster Contest. So below is my submission for the contest.

Seeing that the film is set in the 60's during the Cuban Missile Crisis (hence, the rockets in the air) I focused the style around vintage 60's advertising and Cuban poster art.

My favorite part of the piece is the individual X-Men characters, I tried to show each "mutation" of each character.

It was a lot of fun to create and get all the texture right so it looks like a screen printed poster.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drawing Inspiration

This is a beautiful animation that reminded me to step out of my normal routine and take in the world around.