Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scare Package '12

Halloween is creeping near.  This year, in ode to the trick or treating season, I decided to treat everyone with a little "scare-package".

Right click and download the linked file of the Scare-Package HERE.  Be sure to open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat to get the full experience.

Since this is the first of many halloween posts, I wanted to start it off with a bang.  Below is a link to download (Right click to download) the audio treats.  Inside you'll find an old time radio program as well as a music track.

The old radio horror is, by far, my favorite.  It is called "The House in Cypress Canyon" and it aired on December 5th, 1946 which amazes me that this was their Christmas show.  The radio show is about a couple looking to buy a house and as it turns out, the house is looking for them.  Anyways, I thought it appropriate to raise it from the dead and give it to all of you as a spooky gift.

Suspense - House in Cypress Canyon

Tea Cozies - Muchos Dracula

In addition to the radio program I have included a music track from my new favorite band, Tea Cozies. The song is titled "Muchos Dracula".  Check out their music video.
The illustration is my personal treat for all of you.  Each year I hope to have a Halloween focused drawing to send out.  This years picture is of Mr. Rockabilly Wolfman and friends.  There are a couple pics and one gif showing my process.  This was a mixed media piece using pen and ink, watercolor, color pencil, and acrylic.  

So turn down the lights, lock the doors and get cozy.  Happy Halloween!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Missing from Paranorman

Here is my entree into the Laika Challenge "Who's Missing from Paranorman".  This was fun creating a fictional character who's story intertwines with the Paranorman story.  I wanted it to be it's own tale but still work within the story of Paranorman. I am very happy with the result.

Monday, August 6, 2012


For my Fathers birthday I decided to give him back a childhood memory.  He told me about how he used to read Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos when he was a young boy so I searched out and found that Marvel released a collection.  I was eager to buy this for my dad but was hesitant when I saw the cover.  Utter disappoint was my reaction with Marvel for creating such a lack luster image that should draw people in.  So I took it upon myself to create a cover that spoke to the comic itself and the theme.  Here is my finished cover with thumbnails of Marvels and my reference.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Here is my other design that is in the running for the Threadless pin-up competition. Please vote for my shirts!  Thanks.

Score this design: "Eyeful," to help it get printed on Threadless!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Caught a Cutey

Threadless is throwing a competition that I couldn't refuse. A pin-up contest is going on until the 20th of February.  Below is my first entry, it's supposed to be titled "Snagged a Cutey" but I (blindly) named it "Caught a Cutey".  That's what I get for staying up late.

Please check it out and score the design for me, thanks!

Score this design: "Caught a Cutey," to help it get printed on Threadless!