Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adventures to Draw - Noir - Week 3

I am dragging this week.  My body got back from a well needed vacation but my head is still in lazy mode.  Being in a tropical local for a week helped inspire me for the noir.  I was able to get some nice photography of Nassau that will help me with the story setting.

I was also accompanied by some great Detectives on my trip.  I have linked one such radio show below for your listening pleasure.

One word of caution. Because this aired in 1948 there maybe some "colorful" language in regards to women and race.  I am sharing this radio show for it's story telling not for it's take on race or the opposite sex.  If you are offended just press the stop button.

Box 13

Now back to work, these first three pages are looking good.  I feel happy in how they introduce the main character and the environment.  It also gives a view into the trouble effecting our detective.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Adventures to Draw - Noir - Week 2

This post will be limited as I am traveling. But I promise next post will have some solid material. I have sketched out the first three pages and things look pretty good. I will share the visuals next week. Until then.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adventures to Draw - Noir - Week 1

Let's start with a little background.  Ten years ago I was on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean with my lovely wife and a bunch of Texans.  While sitting outside chilling with my wife the idea hit me.  A Detective Noir with a twist.  I wrote down the general story idea while sketching out key moments.  After the cruise, I passed the idea off to Jeff Still who crafted the wonderful script full of details and characters that made it come to life.

With the many abrupt starts and stops over the years, it's about time for me to get this story finished.  This is my process of creating Jeff and my Noir caper.

After re-reading the script I started to sketch out the main characters and rough out the first few pages.

During my page planning sessions I have been watching some classic Noirs such as "Gun Crazy," "The Set-Up" and "Out of the Past".  I have also been listening to old time radio Detective Shows.  The films with the radio shows have been inspiring and educational of the Noir style genre.  Learning about the importance of symbolism, composition and use of shadows has motivated my style for the graphic novel.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adventures to Draw

With the sands of time slipping through my fingers so has opportunities to draw. Being employed (thank god) and a father of two (thank god twice) I have a lot to be thankful for. I also have a lot on my plate that requires my undivided attention and time.  Drawing has taken to the back burner.

I have decided to use my blog as motivation as well as an accountability resource to get me back to drawing. And drawing the stuff I want (and need). I am going to start a regular post (finally) at the end of each Sunday about my progress, inspiration of the week and future plans or ideas.

The first project, that has been crying out for my attention, is a detective story that was my brain child about 10 years ago.  Jeff Still, an old colleague and respected writer, helped weave my concept into the literary tapestry it is.  Due to me procrastinating, the story laid on the shelves for years (8 to be exact), until now.

Like Dr. Frankenstein, I am ready to breath life into Jeff and my creation.  I hope you come along for the journey.  It will be filled with adventure, intrigue, violence and romance.  All the best ingredients to this illustrative gumbo.