Friday, October 8, 2010

Rockabilly Wolf

This is a brief description of my process. This all came about through listening to a whole bunch of my rockabilly tunes and decided to draw a down and out Rockabilly Wolf. The next posts depict the process I followed to get to the finished image. I skipped some steps seeing that I was just doing small detailed things that aren't important. To help set the mood, plus some of you asked me what "Rockabilly" is, below is a video of the Stray Cats performing "Runaway Boys".

Step 1: Rough sketch work helps me figure out the basic layout of what I want to accomplish.

Step 4: Draw out a clean version of the wolf so when I scan it into my computer I can easily trace my lines.

Step 8: Tracing the clean sketch to define the outline of the wolf's head and the shadows. I spend so time detailing the line work to make certain areas thicker than others to help define the shadowed areas.

Step 11: Pick out the basic colors for the wolf, his hat, his eyes, teeth, nose and cigaret.

Step 14: Add textures, highlights and any details (like the veins in the eyes).

Step 15: I finish the illustration with a "Looney Toons" style background and call it done.

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