Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adventures to Draw - Noir - Week 3

I am dragging this week.  My body got back from a well needed vacation but my head is still in lazy mode.  Being in a tropical local for a week helped inspire me for the noir.  I was able to get some nice photography of Nassau that will help me with the story setting.

I was also accompanied by some great Detectives on my trip.  I have linked one such radio show below for your listening pleasure.

One word of caution. Because this aired in 1948 there maybe some "colorful" language in regards to women and race.  I am sharing this radio show for it's story telling not for it's take on race or the opposite sex.  If you are offended just press the stop button.

Box 13

Now back to work, these first three pages are looking good.  I feel happy in how they introduce the main character and the environment.  It also gives a view into the trouble effecting our detective.

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